Hot Devil Trade Map Turbo Torch

Source:  ‘What Tradies Want’ Magazine

Introducing the new Hot Devil Trade Map Turbo Torch Kit – the latest and greatest advancement since Hot Devil’s 2001 inception. This latest offering is said to reduce brazing time by as much as 40 percent and this is thanks to the latest in ‘Swirl Flame’ technology; a burn temperature of approx. 2100 degress that allows the torch to wrap the flame around the pipe to ensure even heat distribution.


The Hot Devil Trade Map Turbo Torch is extremely lightweight and portable. The adjustable swivel burner tube also allows better access to those more difficult jobs. The trigger head is very ergonomic and easy to use and also features auto ignition for quick starts. The flame from the Turbo Torch is also impressive.


Okay, you might remember a test we conducted a few years back when we compared the speeds of Trade Map Gas versus Propane; trade gas was the clear winner that day. Now we have a new Turbo torch to use with the Trade Map Gas and it’s said to be 40 percent faster. I wanted to see how fast I could get a piece of copper pipe to melt. Heating up the pipe, it wasn’t too long before the Hot Devil Turbo Torch had it glowing red. It’s seriously fast and before I knew it, molten copper was starting to appear. This torch offers faster work times for a range of projects. All brass internal body construction for greater durability and the ignition button lock keeps the tool lit for hands free operation.


Hot Devil are known for their high-quality gas torches and the Hot Devil Trade Map Turbo Torch Kit is definitely another industry leading product. The build quality is second to none and far superior than its closest competitors. With its ‘Swirl Flame’ technology and extremely fast heat transfer rates, it
really is a no brainer for trades that demand reliability and productivity in a portable gas torch. Backed with an impressive three-year warranty, the Hot Devil Trade Map Turbo Torch Kit will get you through even the most difficult jobs. They’ve had my own personal trust for the last four years and there’s no doubt that this is the most powerful portable gas torch that I’ve used in my career as a sparky.